Article – Muhammad (saw) The Restorer of Family Values

A very informative article by Khaula Shah sahiba on the topic of our beloved Master, Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), as the restorer of family values.

“Until I went away to college, no one in Plains had ever been divorced;” President
Jimmy Carter writes, “divorce was considered to be a sin against God committed
only in Hollywood and among some of the more irresponsible New Yorkers. The
oath given during the marriage ceremony was regarded as inviolable, based on
the words of Christ himself, who, when questioned about marriage, referred to
the first binding of Adam and Eve, concluding with ‘Therefore what God has
joined together, let no man put asunder.’ For some reason, this commandment
was considered to have priority over the one against adultery. One of the most
notable cases involved two white families who lived in a fairly remote area near
Archery. In what was obviously a totally harmonious arrangement, the two
husbands simply swapped wives and a total of nine children. Perhaps to
minimize false rumors, one of the husbands came over to our house and
described their decision to my father. Other children were born to the new
couples, and the resulting common-law marriages remained intact thereafter, but
the parents stopped going to church.”1

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